T-Lab. Pole Pole Wooden Baobab
T-Lab. Pole Pole Wooden Baobab

T-Lab. Pole Pole Wooden Baobab

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Each wooden product is handmade and is super light, which makes it perfect for gentle play or displaying on a desk or shelf.

  • Size: Approximately 4.8X1.2X6.5H (cm) for Baobab and 2.8X1.2X1.7H (cm) for Bird
  • Material: Natural wood (Albizia), a fast growing light white wood
  • Paint: Non-Toxic

* Shipping exclusions apply. Receive your order in 3-5 business days (for Metro Manila).

** Since it is a completely handmade product from carving to painting, the shape, size, color and facial expression are delicate one by one. There is a difference.
Also, since natural wood is used, there are grain and streaks. Think of it as a handmade or natural wood look.

*** If you are planning to buy more than one wooden animal and need to it to be inserted on separate gift-ready packaging boxes, please put an instruction upon checkout. Otherwise, by default, we will limit the use of packaging boxes to help the environment.