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Bebeboo Marketing is the distributor of YAMATOYA, HAMICO, BONTOY, NUIDA, T-LAB., OAK VILLAGE, BORNY and KIKO+ & GG* brands in the Philippines. We are on a mission to bring you the best products that are "out of this world" to help create an environment where babies and children are comfortable, safe and stylish.

Yamatoya, celebrating 100 years in the business, is one of the oldest wooden and trusted furniture makers in Japan. Yamatoya wooden products have world-class safety and beautiful craftsmanship. Known for its trusted Japanese quality,  Yamatoya offers various models of wooden low / high baby chairs, wooden little desks and chairs and wooden storage solutions for books and toys.
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The HAMICO toothbrushes, designed and made in Japan with uncompromising quality, ergonomic designs, and personable patterns, are quite simply the best toothbrushes designed for you and your family! The HAMICO toothbrush was designed by a veteran Japanese dentist searching for a more pleasurable and effective way of brushing teeth. He found out majority of the parents have a hard time training their kids to brush independently, not to mention brushing babies' teeth was a whole other challenge. Listening to their concerns lead him to realize he could reinvent the toothbrush and make toothbrushing a quality family time instead. 

Travel in style with Bontoy — a global brand of high quality ride-on-toy luggage, originating from Korea. It comes with a spacious storage and a built-in pull up handle for easy lugging and uses 360° rubber wheels for a smooth and noise-free ride.  BONTOY was also recognized for its outstanding design by receiving the 2014  “Good Design Award”,  which is the most representative award in South Korea.
Lay your baby comfortably on Nuida —  global brand of stylish baby seat liners for use in strollers, car seats, reclinable high chairs and bouncers to give your baby breathanble comfort.  Designs are inspired by the beautiful cities of London, Paris and Seoul and all seat liners are lovingly made in Korea.
Japanese company T-Lab produces exquisitely detailed wooden carvings of animals with each piece individually hand carved and polished by artisans before being finished in Japan. Each animal has a unique warmth and charm. 
The wood used for the range is the fast growing tropical tree, Albizia, to ensure eco-sustainability. To further support the environment, T-Lab also reforests plantations in order to re-pay the earth for its bounty.
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Established in 1974, Oak Village is a woodcrafts company with an aim to build a sustainable society in which humans and the surrounding environment not only co-exist, but also evolve symbiotically. Our studio is in the woods of Takayama, Japan, where the woodcraft heritage has existed for over 1,300 years.
By applying traditional Japanese woodcraft techniques, we strive to create products that last as long as possible. We minimize the usage of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials in our products so that when they are no longer usable in their original form, they may be recycled or returned to the earth.
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   Kiko+ & GG*kiko+ & gg* is a modern-minimalist, boutique toy brand from Osaka, Japan. Over 15 years ago, when plastic toys ruled the toy world - two female toy designers Kaz* and Novi* had a better idea. Toys could be beautifully-designed, durable, AND fun for kids at the same time! The brand concept is simple: to create beautifully-designed toys that spark imaginations and make you smile!
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A global brand of baby accessories primarily baby liners, originating from Korea.
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