Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life
Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life
Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life
Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life
Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life

Oak Village Wooden Blocks - Marine Life

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Oak Village's “Wooden Blocks of the Forest Animals” and “Wooden Blocks of Marine Life” consists of cute animals pieces, packaged like puzzle. Both animal wooden blocks sets expresses the link of the forest and sea, animals’ ecosystem and families/couples of animals.

Kanayo Sugiyama, a writer of picture books, designed these lively animals. The craftsmen in Hida-Takayama (Japan) finish up each piece carefully.

Children can re-create their own marine habitat with this natural wooden building blocks composing of different marine inhabitants like horse mackerel, tuna, sea bream, whales and so on.

Japan is an island country, surrounded by the sea. The animals in this set are very familiar with the  Japanese people. The marine life of this set varies from small fishes to big animal.

If you look carefully, you can find an oyster! Isn’t it very rare o have an oyster motif toy? There is an important message here that the forest and sea have a link! (More information below).

About this set: 

  • About 19 pieces of building blocks
  • Set contents: whale, dolphin, tuna, sea bass, tie, mullet, flounder, saury, blowfish, horse mackerel, oyster, scallop, starfish
  • Tree species: Cherry, Magnolia, Chestnut, Birch, Oak (The tree species used during manufacturing may change due to season)
  • Finish: unpainted
  • Package size: width 42 x depth 25 x height 3 cm
  • Maximum piece: width 23.5 x depth 2 x height 5.5 cm
  • Minimum piece: width 4.2 x depth 2 x height 4 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 0.8 kg (in the package)
  • Comes with a pamphlet that describes living things and how to play

Tips on How to Play:

  • Touch: There are parent and child. Close your eyes, touch a block and guess which creature. 
  • Imaginative Play: Make your story with your favorite creature. You may find yourself in your imaginary marine world. The story can develop to understand the ecosystems and food chains. 
  • Line Up: Line up creatures vertically and horizontally to compare length, You can also let the creature lie down and combine it like a puzzle. 
  • Grouping: Pair the adult and baby animals together. You can also group the animals by the same type of wood. 
  • Pile Up: Stack the blocks infinitely. 

Interconnection of Forest and Sea:

The fishing ground of oysters are built near the estuary of sea. River carries the nutrients of forest. The phytoplankton is nurtured by the nutrients of forest and oysters eat the phytoplankton.

When the forest is destroyed, seaweed and phytoplankton will decrease. Then, oysters and fishes who eat those plankton will decrease. Destruction of forest means the destruction of sea. To save the ecosystem of sea, we need to save forest.

The children’s wooden building blocks of Oak Village are not just wooden toys. “Wooden blocks of the Forest Animals” and “Wooden blocks of Marine Life” send a message.



Note: Oak Village products are made of natural solid wood, so there are individual differences in grain and color. Due to the nature of solid natural wood, the size may change due to expansion and contraction due to indoor environment such as humidity and dryness. Also, please note that depending on the tree, shades of color and knots of the tree may be seen. Please understand beforehand that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for the above reasons.