HAMICO Adult Toothbrush - Stripes

HAMICO Adult Toothbrush - Stripes

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Why choose a HAMICO Adult Toothbrush? 
You brush your teeth every day, you’re good at flossing and yet at every dental visit, you’re told you can do better. And then the dentist hands you a toothbrush that is low-quality, mass-produced and ineffective. But you have the chance to stop the cycle! HAMICO Adult toothbrush is designed for ages 8 years old and up and great for people with sensitive teeth, as well as braces and receding gums. The compact head was invented to fit perfectly into your mouth and maneuver around the teeth, which standard large brush heads simply cannot accomplish. The multiple types of bristles; twisted, rounded and pointed, combine to brush and floss at the same time for an ultra-gentle clean better than any other toothbrush out there today, giving sensitive teeth just the right softness they need.

Avoid ever having to experience painful sensitivity, sore gums, and cavities when you introduce HAMICO’s adult toothbrush to your daily routine!

Key Features:
Have you ever brushed vigorously for a full 2 min, only to find out you still have a piece of food stuck between your teeth? HAMICO is the solution for you. The neck of our toothbrushes is slimmer than leading brands, allowing more control over pressure you exert to clean molars and hard-to-reach spots. And the compact head is made to comfortably fit all mouth sizes for deeper, more effective cleaning of teeth and gums. 


Handle: Saturated polyester resin
Bristle: Saturated polyester resin

Made in JAPAN

Other Information 

  • Safe to Use For Ages : 8 years old and up


  • ​Gentle brushing is recommended as the most effective way to take advantage of our unique bristle technology. Aggressive brushing will be less effective and cause the bristles to wear out more quickly.

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