HAMICO Kid Toothbrush - Dinos
HAMICO Kid Toothbrush - Dinos

HAMICO Kid Toothbrush - Dinos

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Why choose a HAMICO Kid Toothbrush? 
Around two years old your child will have a full set of teeth and be eager to do things on their own. It is also by this age that children begin to develop good hygiene habits that they will carry with them into their teenage years and beyond. The HAMICO Kids Toothbrush is designed to not only be a creative and colorful addition to their daily routine but safe and easy to use as well. With fun and playful designs and an easy to grip handle, the HAMICO Kids Toothbrush will be a daily reminder that dental hygiene can be a fun part of their day too!

Learn to love their daily routine of brushing with HAMICO Kids Toothbrushes! 

Key Features:

  1. Dentist-Designed to make brushing safe and effective
  2. Thorough, Gentle Brushing: Soft, round-tip bristles clean teeth without scratching gums and tooth enamel
  3. Easy Grip, Better Habits: Teardrop-shaped handle is easy to hold and control with small hands
  4. More Reach, Less Cavities: Slim neck and compact head can reach molars and tight spaces
  5. Designs Kids Will Say “YES!” : A variety of kids-friendly designs they would love brushing with, everyday!

Handle: Propionate 
Bristle:  Nylon 

Made in JAPAN

Other Information 

  • BPA Free
  • Safe to Use For Ages : 2 - 8 years
  • Withstands water temperature up to 158°F


  • Do not chew. Children under 4 need adult supervision while brushing.
  • Replace toothbrush every month for effective and sanitary brushing.

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