T-Lab. Hakobune Wooden Amami Rabbit
T-Lab. Hakobune Wooden Amami Rabbit

T-Lab. Hakobune Wooden Amami Rabbit

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 The "HAKOBUNE" series feature animals from the endangered species "RED LIST" in the world. It is a social product that donates a part of the sales to animal protection groups.

The design conveys the characteristics of each animal and the finish makes use of the texture of wood to give an unprecedented mature impression. The light of hope must be visible to the eyes of animals.

It is finished with a strong impression carving + a gentle earth color painting that allows you to see the wood surface.

The tag attached to the neck contains trivia that makes you think "I see!", Such as the habitat and ecology of each animal.

  • Size: Approximately 7X3X6.5H (cm)
  • Material: Natural wood (Albizia), a fast growing light white wood
  • Paint: Non-Toxic

* Shipping exclusions apply. Receive your order in 3-5 business days (for Metro Manila).

** Since it is a completely handmade product from carving to painting, the shape, size, color and facial expression are delicate one by one. There is a difference.
Also, since natural wood is used, there are grain and streaks. Think of it as a handmade or natural wood look.

*** If you are planning to buy more than one wooden animal and need to it to be inserted on separate gift-ready packaging boxes, please put an instruction upon checkout. Otherwise, by default, we will limit the use of packaging boxes to help the environment.